Midousuji with bad dysphoria days sitting naked with her legs crossed, head in hands, muttering “disgusting.”

Some psychologists could take the perspective that Haru loves the water because he saw a classically beautiful naked woman behind the waterfall where his first love of water began, and erotic stimulus woman was paired/associated with beautiful neutral stimulus water, and so the feelings of erotic became associated with water, the water eliciting erotic, or at the very rudiment, positive, feelings.

Other psychologists would say that a great deal of latent learning was going on, subconsciously learning that being under a waterfall was fantastic, and Haru carried on to be very involved in water.

Some comic book fans would say that even though the naked woman was the one that got Haru hooked on water, the subsequent love for water isn’t less valid or powerful, even if the naked woman was the first thing he saw.

I would say that water is fucking awesome and seeing waterfalls are fucking awesome, and I too am enthralled and attracted to water and would love to be in it as much as possible too.

Need to draw. Need to stop pushing that aside. 

Thank you dove. Beautifully said. It's just that body hair is so important to me. It takes such a great place in my life. Not 1 single goes by I'm not thinking. It breaks my heart hearing stories of women feeling down/ashamed/uncomfortable with their body hair.

Thank you! I also deeply treasure my body hair.

On the one hand, lots of people feel more beautiful without it, and respecting people’s aesthetic pleasures is the thing to do, but I do think it is important to work at loving ones body as-is as much as possible, and contrastly find that looks don’t tie in to value and worth. This is not the paradigm people are or feel the need to be in, because radically self loving isn’t something that comes natural in this society, so looks that make a person feel gorgeous, with a mix of personal style and perhaps fitting-in-looks, does make a person feel powerful, worthy, and beautiful.

Nothing seems more unnaturally heartwarming to me than Makoto and his younger siblings.

My older brother treated me like shit. My childhood best friend treated her younger brother like shit. When I heard someone said they’re friends with their older brother one bus ride home, I had the same feeling I do now: some cocktail of jealousy, bewilderment, awe, heartwarmed, and remorse.

To have an older sibling not only treat their younger siblings well, but for them all to adore each other warms a very hurt part of me.

What a beautiful world we live in.

Buysexuals purchasing cookware for the pansexuals.

Polysexuals enjoying their work in 3D animation.

Asexuals ogling their high grades.

Also for some reason I wasn’t paying attention to the Free! voices the first time around, because rewatching it, I’m noticing they’re really good and nuanced and I didn’t remember anyone’s except Haru’s and Nagisa’s.

Rewatching Free! is not only fun for my friend, and my friend and me together, but for me and my thoughts, because there’s a line I missed that was so important that Nagisa said, that Haru is smiling on the inside all the time.

I now more solidly interpret Haru as just being chill with his many, many thoughts and feelings swirling and splashing and ebbing, not constantly externalizing them into a multitude of expressions. Unfortunately, many people tend to characterize him as perpetually expressionless.

This definitely contrasts the most with Nagisa, the most bubbly, unfiltered, out-there character of their friend-group.

This one guy (Ryan Sallans http://www.diy-review.com/ksSPfHowTo7_7Y6G/Show-and-Tell-of-Packers-and-STP-Devices-for-Transmen.html ) told me that 3inch packers give a nice bulge, and that 5inch packers give more attention. I do want a nice long one. A smaller one would be good for everyday purposes.

I’ve seen a video of how one of the stand to pee devices work and look (Lawrence T. Richardson http://www.diy-review.com/ksSPfHowTo7_7Y6G/Show-and-Tell-of-Packers-and-STP-Devices-for-Transmen.html) (http://coppercreekcandles.homestead.com/events.html) and it’s not really attractive with a large hole to have pee come out. From above it looks okay and I’m sure nothing with eyes will be below to see, so I think that doesn’t matter much to me.

Get the biggest blackest dick and become a Cards Against Humanity card. Also congrats on the StP almost purchase. =)

Thank you! Like lots of similar but basically equally functioning products that enhance my life, I use more logic than timely. (Fun fact, people who don’t have emotions (or experience them infrequently and briefly)my to decide things take forever to logically assess things, and they need others to take care of their decisions for them. This means I need more emotion and less “well, logically.”)

I’ll be a confusing and wildly attractive men’s bathroom user.

Also, I’ll keep my friend’s black packer dick as a “this is legit and not only Cards Against Humanity card” in my memory.