Midousuji used to be and still is the character I despise the most, but lately I’ve been really feeling disgusted by tje social actions behind, before, and continuing romance and sex, and one of my teammates (who reminds me of myself a lot, maybe a former self), so his relentless stream of Kimo! really speaks to me.

Makoto Tachibana lying peacefully on his side, Haru lying peacefully as well, both close and facing each other on a quiet afternoon with soft light making the room glow, Makoto leaning in and kissing Haru as naturally as breathing in.

Hmm, I’ll make a genderblog to try and piece together and record what makes me feel happy gender.

Some part of me wants to be 90% boy 10% other. Let’s see how that goes this year!

I think I just saw Andrew Hussie at the San Francisco airport. I didn’t stare to confirm, because staring generally is unwanted when you’re stared at all the time already, and after I instinctively looked at him, he looked away. I hope he’s having a nice day, besides the inevitable sitting on a cramped dry chilly pressurized cabin.

Which begot which?
  • Haru loves dolphins so Makoto gave him the dolphin keychain
  • Haru loves dolphins because Makoto gave him the dolphin keychain



The average adult human is made of 70% water and can drink up to three gallons of water daily. The earth is also 70% water, but human babies are closer to 80% water. 

dovebear said: Now I know how many jugs to drink per day. (Nah, that’s too much! I’ll drink at least half a gallon.) I think I’ll drink more if I have a sticker of your icon on my water bottle, just as a reminder.

That’s… really sweet, actually.

Things to do:

  • half gallon water bottle
  • decorate with Haru Nanase
  • eliminate thirst

I’m picturing a character who has a curse that irratically has the character no longer able to stand, but crumble to the ground and dark grey smoke emit from them. It can happen for a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, even months, sometimes years. They can’t do anything but lay there, aware of everything but unable to do anything. But also, just as suddenly, the smoke stops pouring out, and their heart warms and their tension decreases, and they’re back to their normal self.



Just so we’re all clear, sociopathy is not a cool mysterious character trait, but a disability. It’s when one’s amygdala (the ancient blob in the brain that signals the pituitary ((hormone releaser)) to release cortisol ((stress hormone))) doesn’t function properly, but in the opposite of anxiety disorders: one has no fear. No danger exists in this person’s mind.

This puts them at risk to themselves and others, because there is no fearing dangerous outcomes.

It is not the absence of emotions (that is another disorder, one which renders a person decisionless, bound to only using pro’s and con’s of their logic, and thus actionless). It is not the entirety of a person’s personality.

Alright, so where do I start here.

First of all, sociopathy is not itself a mental condition but a behavioural pattern that often results from one. That condition is called antisocial personality disorder, or ASPD. Note how it has ‘disorder’ in the name. That’s because it’s a disorder, not a disability. In fact many of us who have it consider it an advantage.

Secondly, we do feel fear, along with every other emotion, albeit to a lesser degree than neurotypical people. We do tend to take more risks than most people, I don’t know if that has more to do with a lessened sense of danger or our tendency to get bored easily.

What we lack is empathy. We experience little to no sense of guilt or remorse, and as a result we’re pretty much all amoral. The stupid ones tend to wind up incarcerated over petty theft and violence, and the smarter ones learn how to act and manipulate others to get what they want.

The one point I can agree with you on is that it is not the entirety of someone’s personality. It is, however, a very significant part of it.