Petition to stop acquaintances aggressively telling me to eat more cake.

One signature to go: Dove

Yes, now this problem will cease.

Boop, our resident prairie snake.
Boop makes my heart swell.

Boop, our resident prairie snake.

Boop makes my heart swell.

I wrote down a list of things, so I think I’ll start telling people soon.

I have an old soul, so often I value the relationship over other things, so I hope everyone takes my open and clear communication well when it comes to negative emotions. Then again, who doesn’t go throughout their life leaving people with no negative emotions? I assume we’re tougher than that.

I don’t fully understand how people can say certain things so unabashedly without worrying or caring how the other person will react and feel.

Then again, many glorify this as being incredibly amazing. So unabashed. The confidence is so alluring. Unapologetically living is living life on the pulse of reality.


Pre-Madonna girl, yeah.
All I ever wanted was matzah.
Can’t eat any wheat, at all.
The pre-Madonna life, unrised and full.

You say that it’s kind of difficult,
G-d would let us out that fateful day.
You can see pharaoh would misbehave.

I think there are a lot of people who equate understanding with agreement, and confuse neutral explanatory statements as a positive or negative personal stance.

I feel like sometimes the adults and older teenagers around you are supposed to act like a future-you who can’t go back in time to tell you “don’t do/feel the thing! Here is some wisdom.”

I’ve got something I call an emotional heart located on the upper right side of me, and I know it’s there because sometimes it has a dull pain sometimes when I get strong negative emotions. I wonder what structure’s there, because there sure as heck isn’t another blood-pumping heart.

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favourite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go for the sake of spreading positivity.


I actually have a pretty positive sense of self, so it’s not too hard.

  1. I’m creative and a great writer, and I want to roleplay with my friends again. I was a boss doing that with my besties over text and GoogleDocs and strangers over Omegle and it was so fun and satisfying. *w* I stopped because my friend got a girlfriend and we couldn’t send no inapropro stuff no mo’, which was the bulk of what she wanted to roleplay. Two of my many favorite moments was after this infurating person who just sent me *cute emoticon*BUCKETS while me playing Karkat, and I was infuriated and brutal about it, and at the end the person said (your karkat was perfect) and left suddenly; and doing a prom!stuck thing with a Vriska and me playing Eridan, and it lasted until 6 am but oh it was so worth it. I ushered the person into being in-character (I don’t see Vriska as mopey and passive) and things went phenomenally.
  2. I’m hella generous and kind and modest (people tell me the latter) and have tact (people also tell me the latter).
  3. My character development makes me really happy. Going from “everyone hates me” to “I love everyone” is so nice.
  4. I have the curliest of curls. They are soft, boingy, and voluminous. They’re beautiful and handsome.
  5. I love sports. I’m good at sports! And I’m good at trying and trying again at sports, and not letting that make me feel inferior and incompetent.

When people use LGBT to mean “Homosexual” I let out a heavy breath like “HHHHH.” Quoth the Vivian, “There’s a reason why there are multiple letters.”

During Furman Engaged, there were education majors who were told to do a project on something completely out of their comfort zones, and one of groups did theirs about “LGBT Parents” and “LGBT in Schools,” which was great, but their scope was limited to L and G. I explained the entire acronym and brought up transgender issues and things to keep in mind in the classroom like pronouns and gendered activities, but I don’t think they knew what to do with that, so they and the group around them nodded and affirmed those are important things to keep in mind, which is great. But oh, oh people, people please. They linked it back to “keep in mind people’s differences and respect them” theme.

When I went to Amsterdam (where they sold marijuana starter kits next to tulip bulbs), there were rainbow flags everywhere, which was awesome, especially in the anti Putin-homicidal-homophobic-laws-passed, but I kind of felt still a bit off because I knew those flags were just/mainly in support of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, not trans people, who are also part of that flag’s meaning. I consoled myself by saying if they’re pro-gay/bi, then maybe there’s a higher chance that they’re pro-trans.