It was at that moment my heart was scorched by Urara, from Tsuritama.

For all the supremely muscled anime boys I see portrayed on Tumblr, I just think “I don’t care. I don’t care about these abdominal muscles. Do they look like they want me resting on them and that I belong nestled in them?”

Then I chill down because bodies are beautiful and fun to draw in and of themselves.

Headcanon Mermaid Haru doesn’t have scales or painted blue nails, but gets cold underwater so his fingertips get blue and purple.

My bladder is interesting because I can hold pee like a boss anywhere except my room or the single room bathroom on my hall.

Am I just so relaxed and chill that my PC muscle becomes weak in those presences?

Yeah how would you like that, if I made a fanfiction about Haru meeting up with his parents after his big Tokyo race and how warm and excited and proud they are and Haru being like ???? !!!! Parents!!! Lovve..?!!! and holding back tears.

Now is not the time to think about my childhood and adolescence and overestimate how much my parent’s weren’t there, because they definitely were, and how that did or maybe did not shape my personality, all because of a “Haru’s parents’ weren’t there, and that’s why his personality is like this, especially compared to Makoto’s nurturing present family and siblings” analysis based on the general psychology textbook they’re reading.

If you think I didn’t sigh hotly and melt every time Makoto said Kisumi you’re wrong. Also you didn’t know that I watched that episode and didn’t think of me watching it, so this is probably the first time you are thinking about this, in which case you are thinking “that seems very reasonable and likely now that you mention it.”

One of Makoto’s greatest strengths has a weakness, which is in virtually every situation he smiles and puts on a happy face. This is magnificent and wonderful. Any sadness, discomfort, or oh-nos he feels is made better by keeping his friends feeling good. The lessening of other’s negative feelings or brightening of them makes him feel better, because science tells us it feels better to make positive change in other more than a positive change solely in ourselves. Even smiling brings happiness to a person, science also says. But it also does feel temporarily painful, even draining, to keep smiling and smiling and smiling when it’s called for, especially if the feelings are painful. So Makoto as a beautiful serviceman to all others is beneficial to not only to others, but himself.

There is a special hell for those whose bladders aren’t that strong and are menstruating.

Fun fact, I found out my dad’s an INTJ/P.

His work changed some aspects of his personality. He started out as a P because being a psychotherapist you don’t decide on courses of action so much as you mull around with and give many ideas that a patient then decides upon. He and I love long conversations, especially intellectual conversations, and we both hella appreciate each other. He’s now a J, because being a hospitalist, decisions are absolute musts for dosages and immediate treatments. I’ve noticed this, because my mom and I are P’s, and if left to our natural state, we’d just lay around doing nothing, and Dad is the person to say c’mon c’mon c’mon! Let’s go let’s go let’s go!

As a therapist, he learned the importance of and how to have a very good conversation. He’s always been such a phenomenal emotionally supportive and intelligent person, I thought he had as much empathy as I do, but he describes his understanding of others’ feelings intellectually, which really threw me off.