DMMD AU where Aoba and Baa-chan live in an inner city poor area in America next to a giant wealthy area that’s slowly tearing down various buildings and projects (very realistic in America), and young Aoba meets Koujaku as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters.

They stick together as the housing and commercial development encroaches on their corner of the city, Koujaku becoming very close to Aoba and Baa-chan. When they grow up, Aoba becomes an urban planner, while Koujaku becomes a lawyer, and both team up with Sei, their district’s representative to take down Toue Inc.

I want to invest in a snorkel and earplugs so I can lay face down in a bath and just chill for a little bit.

Something that I keep in mind, which I find to be true:

Dressing and acting as society, and the part that you internalized, deems not representative of your gender does not in any way negate your gender.

Vivian: Y'know drinking water after eating a lot of sugar might just be the best taste in the world.
Me: And yet water tastes like nothing.

I wanna casually be topless with my friends and strangers. Especially when I want to. But mostly I want to be around other people who find the chest to be about as nonsexual as any other non genital of the body.

I did this after a hot tub party, but I wrapped my towel around my shoulders and down my chest, but I still felt very nice and wonderful, especially with all the guys not having their shirts on.

The second closest I got was wearing only my binder and shorts and riding around campus.

Third closest is my friend and I agreeing to play some topless soccer wearing sports bras (although never actually doing it).

A man on here encouraged me to go to a nudist colony because it’s the bestest, and I am very much for that.


Did you try turning it off and on again?

I want there to be a mix on 8tracks where there is a progression of an influence. Songs influence other songs, so I want to hear an older song (can be centuries or decades old) and all the songs that drew inspiration from it chronologically.

Seasoned song listeners can do this maybe.

I’m getting uncomfortable when people do things that other people do to them in a mean way.

Like, I don’t wanna see a music video about women objectifying and sexualizing men because men has always objectified and sexualized women. Unless it’s making a definite point in calling out bad behavior on the guy’s part, not celebrating it.

 I just don’t want to see a gender sexualizing and objectifying another gender.

I’m not going to tell people to stop doing this, because what’ll that do? But as a person who is myself I am saying this is what brings me discomfort.

It ties into the concept of “you were bad to me, so now I’m going to be bad to you in this one tiny (maybe not so tiny) way” and things don’t heal. It’s the concept of having an equality where both people do bad to each other, instead of one where neither do bad on the other.

me: gets physically intimate with people
me: is platonic
me: doesn't tell people I'm not romantic because doing so might reduce amount of affection given
me: tells person of non-romance
me: everything turns out fine on my side
me: only once have I legitimately and understandably caused pain
me: the rest are like me
me: teeters ominously between friendship and romance and sexuality

I find that there is a difference between simply not having a group of blogs cater to the privilege groups and a group of blogs being nasty, even bullying to the privilege groups.

The way I define bullying, as this one informative group on bullying who came to my school define it, is a person with perceived power repeatedly harms another, psychologically or physically.

This perceived power does not have to stem from which group in the grand scheme of the country’s power structure, but on a micro level of a person seeing detrimental messages about themself. At that moment of seeing a generalized or specific death threat, the person will feel like being that kind of person is really not okay. Whether or not the entire country is there telling them messages that they’re in the right, if there is enough people online telling them that they’re horrible, jokingly or not, they’re going to feel bad.

Not everyone understands that those generalized statements of badness stem from feelings of being hated themselves, and still that doesn’t justify treating people poorly, especially persons who don’t know that what they’re supposed to take from those nasty statements is to check their privilege and recognize the strife and problems the group faces.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter that the entire country is on their side, it takes a few internet persons, just as it can take a few internet persons to make a someone in a minority group feel like everything’s going to be okay.

I urge people to think complexly about this. I am not defending any atrocity any majority group has done and is doing. Even as I understand people who do consistently make fun of or detriment the majority groups because of a deep feeling of hurt and not belonging, please know that bullying people is possible even if you are not in the majority.

I’m not bringing up the argument, an invalid and invalidating argument, that hate breeds more hate, so stop being angry at the structures of society and the people who do bad things. On the contrary, anger is a healthy reaction towards oppression. But I do not think that anger excuses detrimental behavior.